Survival Seed Bank Comparison Chart

Finding the best survival seed bank is very important. There are many thing to consider when looking for seed bank such as…the quantity of seeds? The varieties included? The size of your garden? The climate zone you live in? Regionally adapted seed which grow well in your climate? As you can see there is a lot to consider but lucky for you…I’m here to help!

Please look at this table carefully or read the detailed reviews to choose the one that will provide security and food for you and your family!

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Company NameOverview and RatingPackagingSeed count
/ Price&Shipping
Emergency Seed Bank

emergency seeds Banks

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Triple Layer Mylar Resealable seed bank 2 sizes available:

Family Survival Emergency Seed Bank (33 Varieties): $72.95 free S&H

Deluxe Emergency Seed Bank (57 Varieties): $139.99 free S&H
• Open Pollinated Heirloom Seeds (37.000+ seeds)
• Comprehensive Growing Guide
• Seed Saving Guide

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Texas Ready Liberty Seed Bank

texas ready Seed banks

• Re-sealable steel US Army Ammo Box (air-tight, water-tight and vermin proof)
• ONLY regionally configured seed bank (by USDA Growing Zones)
• come in five sizes
• training manuals included
5 different sizes available:
Piggy Bank - over 10,000 Seeds (2 lbs) $125.00
Lock Box - over 25,000 Seeds (4+ lbs) $195.00
The Safe - over 40,000 Seeds (6+ lbs) $275.00
The Vault - over 80,000 Seeds (12+ lbs) $485.00
The Treasury - over 200,000 Seeds! (30+ lbs) $995.00

• 80+ Varieties is included in each seed bank
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Survival Seed Bank

survival seed bank

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Special foil packet with expensive desiccant, Vacuum Packed1 size available:
• 22 varieties of Open Pollinated Heirloom Seeds
• Quantity: 30,000 seeds
• Free "Nitro Seed Starter Solution"
$149 +$15 shipping and handling
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Heirloom Organics

heirloom organics seed vault

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Triple Layer Mylar Reusable Seed Bank 4 different sizes available:
Survival Seed Vault: Over 55,000 seeds (1,8 lbs) $79.00
Family Pack: Over 100,000 Seeds (2,8 lbs) $129.00
Homestead Pack: Over 170,000 Seeds (5,9 lbs) $199.00
The Farm Vault: Over 390,000 Seeds! (12+ lbs) $399.00
- 21- 45 Varieties included in each pack
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Stockpile Seeds

Triple Layer Mylar resealable bags, Non resealable seed bank20 Non-Hybrid Varieties
1.4 Lbs of Heirloom Seeds
Survivalist Seeds

Paper/plastic bags, Non resealable seed bank 25 varieties of vegetables
7,000 vegetable seeds
My Patriot Supply

My Patriot Supply Survival Seed Vault

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Includes detail survival saving guide

Great for planting, not so much for long term storage

20 varieties of hardy heirloom survival seeds

Low Seed Count

Survivor Seeds Emporium

Survivalist Seed Vault

survivor seeds overview
A hard core seed pack
Non GMO, Non Hybrid
30 varieties and just 1875 seeds
$83 - $97
Nitro Pak

Triple Layer Mylar
Non resealable seed bank
16 Varieties
Seed Count Not Published;
often out of stock on seeds
$44,95 + $9,50 shipping and handling
Garden Seed Bank - Chief Mountain Harvest

Garden Seed Bank

0starsindividually packaged in food-grade
mylar to protect them from insects, mold, light and moisture
Canadian Company

20 different organic,
non hybrid varieties



safe_seed_pledgeYou’re probably wondering what’s the deal with the latest internet craze – survival seeds – and is a survival seed bank scam or not. Personally, I have mentioned Survival Seed Bank many times on this site in many occasions but I can’t say enough good about this product. I like it so much, that I recently ordered another one as possible future barter item.

First time I made this table was back in 2009., and I’ve been reviewing and updating it with new info ever since (so, that would be over 5 years now!). You can see how the table looked back in 2009 here. Since then, a lot of new survival seed banks have been added, I’ve received a lot of reviews and emails from customers which I included in this chart, and I personally bought and used all products that I mention on this page. Some I bought only ones, to make a detailed review, and some (the good ones!) I have purchased again for my family’s survival gear stock.

When I have time, I’m going to put here a more detail reviews of all survival seed vaults you can purchase, but for now, you can get more info and buy your emergency survival seed bank if you click here:

UPDATE 2017: I’ve gathered as much information about different survival seed banks and emergency seed banks as I possible could, and I used all the data to make a Survival Seed Bank Comparison Chart (above).

I have my Seed Bank, do you?

I made this website determined to help you choose from the best seed banks, to find the perfect one for you and your family – hands down.

I’ve bought and reviewed almost all seed banks I could find on the market..I can tell you right now: most of them don’t cut it.  Don’t believe me? Read my reviews and let me prove it to you!

You can find the detailed reviews of the best seed banks here:

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Last Update: February, 2017.